Traditional Mediterranean dishes, sea cruditè, Neapolitan traditions such as fried fish, spaghetti "with clams", the catch of the day, seasonal vegetables are just some of the specialties that we will offer you, and that are based essentially on local products and recipes revisited in a strongly innovative way.

Seafood Starters

Octopus salad on basil pesto
Capriccio di mare salad
Cod with colonnade lard on caramelized Tropea onion cream
Stew peppered mussels with crumbled Neapolitan tarallo
Soutè of mixed seafood
Soutè of fresh clams

Raw Appetizers

Catch of the day
Raw Plateaux Royal


Red tuna and strawberry tartare
Sea bass tartare and crumbled tarallo
Salmon tartare with orange cubes
Red shrimp tartare and mozzarella
Poker Tartare Tasting

Crustaceans and molluscs

Red prawns from Mazara del Vallo
Belon Oysters
Sea truffles
Crudo Royal

Land starters

Aubergine Parmigiana
Specialities of Don Gaetano
Stuffed pumpkin flower
Buffalo mozzarella cheese
Stuffed buffalo mozzarella cheese

Side dishes

Seasonal side dishes
Grilled vegetables
Salad mix
French fries

Seafood first courses

Chef’s first course
Scialatiello allo scoglio
Spaghettone with clams
Seafood risotto
Cacio e pepe with Mazara del Vallo red shrimp tartare
Linguine with eggplant pesto and squid tips

Land first courses

Chef’s first course
Gnocchi alla Sorrentina
Paccheri alla mammà
Spaghetti with fresh tomato and basil

Seafood second courses

Sea barbecue (squid, prawns, swordfish)
Imperial sea barbecue (tuna, salmon, prawns) (tuna, salmon, prawns)
Seared heart of tuna with sesame
Seared salmon with lemon dressing
Grilled octopus on a bed of potatoes
Catch of the day

Land second courses

Scottona nazionale
Fillet with two-tone pepper
Fillet steak with wild herbs, yellow and red Corbara tomatoes,parmesan cheese flakes 24 months and balsamic vinegar glaze


Creamy pistacchio with cocoa crumble and whole hazelnuts
Panna cotta
Decomposed dessert of the chef